SOA winners for 2023


Photographic Competition

Nigel Campling with Dutch Courage of Cowes In Ibiza

Tod Neville with Reflections, taken in The USA

Both winners will grace the magazine covers for the Spring and Winter editions of the magazine;

receive a £20 Amazon Voucher and a framed print of their winning photographs

John Manley Awards

Awarded for the Best Article in the Winter or Spring Magazine. For 2023 this goes to:

Peter Petrik and Adrienne Palmer of Amazing Grace with exciting tales of their adventures in Inside Passage to Alaska.

Awarded for the best technical Article in the Forum this year goes to Geoff Rogers of Peridot.

Both winners will receive an engraved Cross Rollerball.


Swing Keel Trophy was not awarded this year.

The Northshore Trophy usually presented during the Rendezvous for the yacht achieving the best time on a course,was not awarded this year as the race was cancelled due to bad weather.