Hermione Does France

A Voyage of Adventure and Romance. Sort of!

Newly updated cover

Dom Kilbride retired in 2015 after 30 years service in the police. He had promised himself a sailing adventure on retirement and spent the last 20 years learning to sail and convincing his long-suffering wife that this was a good idea. A decision was made to sail a yacht through central France to the Mediterranean, Dom having lost the ‘Biscay is not that bad’ argument. Caroline invested in a career break to see how living with her husband on board a boat 24/7 would go and with this in mind made certain specifications about what any boat should contain in order to woo her abroad. A  1987 Southerly 115 ‘Hermione’ seemed to incorporate them all with a big stern cabin, hot water, heating, a shower and two heads. The magic keel also meant that the canals were doable. In May 2016  the voyage began. Hermione Does France recounts this journey and all the trials and tribulations that can befall such an adventure. This is a very light-hearted book with plenty of pictures and many funny moments as Dom and Caro get use to their new boat, the French people and the French canals.

It is available on Kindle books and hardback here