A good Christmas present

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A good Christmas present

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If anyone's looking for a nice Christmas Present to buy a nautically-inclined friend, I thought I'd recommend the Mariner's Quarterly.

I have nothing to do with the publication except that I've been a subscriber for four years and love it. If you haven't seen/read an issue, it's a small (A5)-format publication, no pictures, no ads, is mailed out once a quarter (obviously) and is around 100 pages of articles about boating. It's quite eclectic, a mix of fiction and non-fiction, with a bias towards recent-historical, true accounts of seafaring cruises and adventures. It's edited by Sam Llewellyn who is a regular contributor to other more off-the-shelf magazines.If you know someone slightly older-generation (it's probably not for 20-year-olds who like racing lasers around Chichester harbour) the odds are they would love it. http://www.themarinequarterly.com/extracts/.

Happy Christmas, by the way.

S42RST Chocolat, Lymington
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