Help needed for Masters Degree Thesis

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Help needed for Masters Degree Thesis

Post by ncampling »

We have been approached by a student of Plymouth University who requests help in her thesis by the completion of a survey. Committee have approved this and we will be completing the survey. If you wish to assist, please follow the link below. Hannah's email is reproduced below :

"I am a masters student at Plymouth University, exploring whether a trial mooring of a new 'seabed friendly' design could be successful by asking recreational boat users around the UK about their mooring and anchoring preferences using this online survey: ... tingsurvey

The survey takes around 10-15 minutes to complete depending how much detail is provided for open questions, and would hugely help me towards my dissertation.

All answers are completely anonymous and the final results of the UK survey will be used to ensure that boat user feedback is used to develop future mooring trials introduced locally (around Torbay where the trial is taking place) and nationally.

I will of course be happy to acknowledge the Southerly Owners Association in my final thesis and published results too if this would be appropriate/preferential for you.

As an added thank you for anyone willing to take part, I am offering participants the opportunity to WIN champagne, a hamper and 4 free tickets to Living Coasts in Torquay!

I feel quite pleased to say that the project has already gathered interest from the media, local council and Natural England, so this survey will be a great opportunity for all stakeholders (boat users) to share their thoughts on the use of traditional moorings versus this new style of mooring that has the potential for extended deployment around UK waters...

Hannah Wilson
MSc Applied Marine Science Student 2016/17


Her contact details are on file.
Nigel Campling
Chairman, SOA
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