S115 MK 1 hull 83 - are you interested.

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S115 MK 1 hull 83 - are you interested.

Post by luckybeanz »

Hi all due to some family health issues it seems that our boat life may be coming to an abrupt end. I am currently just south of Barcelona looking for a viable option to store the boat for a year. Though should things get worse, I think I will have to let her go. To gauge interest I am putting this out there.

I've recently done a fair bit of work to her, but this may be off putting for some as the work involved converting her to electric motor and all that entails. I also just replaced the keel head and pennants and she has new standing rigging as of 3 years ago. She is not without issue and having lived on her full time trying to raise our daughter from birth, the interior looks rather warn and some of the more tedious maintenance jobs have had to take a back seat, the biggest is to reseal all the deck fittings. Considering the fact that she is in need of some TLC, I will be willing to let her go at a very good price, basically just trying to recover what I recently put in with the conversion and discounting the hull.

Please let me know if you would be interested and we can open up a dialog.
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Re: S115 MK 1 hull 83 - are you interested.

Post by Dave&cathy »

I followed your story fir a while when you bought the boat, and empathised with some of the issues that you went through. Your energy and enthusiasm seemed boundless!

I’m really sorry that it hasn’t worked out for you as you had hoped
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