S110 plumbing

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S110 plumbing

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Dear SOA members. I wonder if any other S110 (or similar installation) have any experience of using de-scaling products in the heads pipework? We have just cleared a major blockage in the pipe from the heads to the diverter valve. Being a club boat, being used over 200 days a year,this has occurred in less than three years, and we are keen to avoid having to rip the boat apart on a regular basis to clear the pipes. Obviously, it's also a case of continually educating our members on the importance of not putting anything inappropriate down the loo, and pumping out properly after use.
I have heard of a product called Sew Clean, produced in the US. I wonder if anyone has any experience of using this.
I would be grateful for any feedback (preferably not the type we got from the pipe!)
Best wishes
Steve Leniston, Tops'l. Carina of Solent
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Re: S110 plumbing

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